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Dear KnoFear, feel the duty to write something about what you said. I'm sorry for my english, i'm italian and i will probably write a critique full of erors and mistakes.

First of all. The analysis of the two kinds of revolution are wrong.
The socialist revolution is the peak of the class struggle. The purists' way is the proletariat giuded by a communist party will take arms and start a war against capitalistic forces. The russian way was the working class and the lower middle class are guided by a politic vanguard rapresented by a strong communist party and others weaker proletarian parties. The most probably - in my opinion - way to set up a revolution is the lower classes guided by different proletarian and communist parties, working as vantguard, will take the power, will destroy EVERY inheritance of the previous power and they will rebuild a new kind of state (not a new state) that will have the meaning of guarantee the proletarian power expressed by district councils. The party will still exist in that step of revolution because the class struggle isn't ended yet. There will still be around bourgeois, but they don't have any political right. progressively, the revolution will be global and the state and the party will disappear at all, because they are meant to.

The democratic revolution is not a revolution. The real big mistake is to think that the democratic state is democratic. Never ever a democratic state will allow a revolution. The state is not super partes, is not over classes and over intrests. As well the police will beat you if you strike or if you protest. Right this way fascism was invented and right this way fascism took the power by the head of state in 1922 in Italy by King Vittorio Emanuele 3rd. The italian proletariat was rebelling by years, the communist party were founded and there were a lot of strikes and factory occupations. The king told mussolini to became the new head of the government to save the italian bourgeoisie. And that was what he did. Allende is the example of the capitalist repression. three years and that's a golpe. The international bourgeoisie is working together against communism and socialism because them meaning a treat to their power. Hope for a democratic way for communism is utopian! democracy isn't democratic, it is the finest way, the ultimate way to run a state dictatorially under capitalism. You can shout out loud "i want the revolution" but, trust me, there will be intelligence on your back, they only watch you. The day you'll be one hundred shouting for revolution, you became a terrorist, your freedom of speech disappears and police strikes back. The state removes his democratic mask and voilà the democracy is dissolved.

The history teach us that the world is run by the powerful ones not by the right ones. Try a peaceful way is great, I will personally love if tomorrow Obama will declare that CPUSA is leading the government and the state. I really wish that capitalists will surrender to the working class power, but it is not gonna happen. Any where, any time. We have to fight, unfortunatly. It is not a choice, it's a need.
As you said: capitalism is violent. Communists are not violent, they are defending against the capitalist violence.

If you'll like to know more about revolution, may i suggest you to read The State and Revolution by Lenin, if you haven't read it yet. It is pretty straightforward about this topic.
Again i'm sorry for my english, i hope you understood
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